Frohe Ostern ūüź£ 2024

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Hello and welcome to Pizziaolo Damiano’s website. Thank you for visiting.  Check out Pizza & Pipes link below for opening times & locations

Damiano is always looking for parking spots to serve pizza from - if you know of a spot and he can successfully operate from there, then there’s a finder fee of 100 CHF. Please either call or email with the details.

He is back in K√ľssnacht am Rigi and also in Unter√§geri. He will be returning to Camping Vitznau on 16th May 2024. For full opening times and availability for pizza gigs and private functions, please check¬†/pizza-pipes-gigs.¬†

If you are looking for a function caterer, please contact us or fill in the /customer-inquiry-form

We look forward to seeing you at one of our locations to serve you fresh, crispy pizza of your choice.